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Lead Generation

Boost your sales quota

  • Get more leads by improving cold outreach conversions

    Warm up before outreach. Omnichannel campaigns.

  • Work smarter, not harder, by automating routine tasks with Care Marketing.

    8 Built-in scraping features. Outreach list data clean-up. Follow-up automation. Go-over limits features.

  • Choose a simple solution for complex tasks

    Smart campaign builder with flow visualization. Webhook integrations. Clear analytics dashboard. Lead Generation.

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Care Marketing Helps You

Go Over LinkedIn Connection Request Limit

Increase Your Low Connection Rate

Avoid LinkedIn Account Restrictions

Avoid Slow and Manual LinkedIn Outreach

Boost Your Low Reply Rates

How we generate Leads for clients

We leverage high performing data from executing thousands of successful Linkedin campaigns in every industry to target & engage your most qualified decision makers, driving them directly into your sales funnel.

1. Find Prospects

We build targeted and qualified lists of your ideal prospects on Linkedin

2. Write Messages

We write clear, personal outreach messages that actually get responses

3. Execute outreach

We send custom messages to thousands of ideal prospects

4. Close Deals

You're instantly notified when a lead responds, for you to close the deal

With Care Marketing, You Can Say Goodbye to

Going Over LinkedIn Connection Request Limits

Utilizing Too Many Tools for Outreach

Low Open Rates

Low Reply Rates


5 Easy Steps Automate Your LinkedIn Outreach

with Care Marketing


Find ideal prospects on LinkedIn

70% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. We use advanced search filters to zoom in on your ideal customer persona on the platform.

Leverage Sales Navigator to pinpoint your perfect prospect and precisely engage them through automated messaging.

Use advanced search filters to take your LinkedIn game to the next level.

No more wasting time on manual and repetitive tasks that can be automated.

<img src="" alt="Care Marketing's 5-step LinkedIn lead generation process infographic">

Hyper-personalize your messages with a few clicks

The more personalized your messages are, the more likely your prospects will reply. We help you to personalize your messages with the click of a button and stand out in your prospect’s inbox today.

We help you craft custom LinkedIn messages effortlessly to boost response rates. Personalize with ease and stand out in your prospects' inboxes today.

Drive engagement with hyper-personalized LinkedIn outreach. Make an impact with tailored messages that resonate.

Elevate your LinkedIn game. Our service simplifies personalization, helping your messages shine and prompting more replies.

<img src="" alt="Care Marketing's LinkedIn Automation Tool interface screenshot">

Follow up via LinkedIn, email, and InMails, all in one place

Take your outreach to the next level with omnichannel campaigns. Use different outreach channels for follow-ups to grab your prospects’ attention without being annoying.

One tool for your full, omnichannel campaigns

Automatic “if-then” sequences based on the lead’s unique behavior

Clear outreach flow visualization (built with simple blocks)

<img src="" alt="Care Marketing's innovative approach to digital lead generation services">

Engage with leads before sending connection requests

Make sure your connection requests never go unnoticed. Automatically engage with your leads and stay on their radar.

Add different actions between your cold messages

Visit a profile, endorse their skills, like their post, and more to remind them of your connection request.

Automated outreach that mimics human behavior.

<img src="" alt="Engage with leads using Care Marketing's LinkedIn lead generation services">

Watch your stats and evaluate campaign performance at a glance

Make data-driven decisions for your campaigns with real-time analytics. Gain key insights into how your campaigns are performing at a glance and simplify your reports.

Speed up your LinkedIn outreach by prioritizing the most performing campaigns.

Keep an eye on LinkedIn profile “health score” analytics

Share your reports with clients and teammates

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Reach and exceed quotas effortlessly

Effortlessly surpass quotas and boost conversion by automatically sending hyper-personalized LinkedIn and email cold messages to the high-level decision makers.


Win the competition to maximizing the return on investment

Address challenges posed by time and staffing constraints in manual outreach while reducing overhead costs. Offload monotonous responsibilities to continous and safe automation, enabling the ability to allocate more time for strategic endeavors.

<img src="" alt="Enhancing lead quality with Care Marketing's digital marketing solutions">

Generating leads on LinkedIn? Automate all of your campaigns in one place and without any restrictions.

No more restricted accounts

Automatically warm up your LinkedIn account for maximum safety before jumping into lead generation.

Build Your Individual Brand

Elevate your personal brand effortlessly with our tailored service. Reach your target audience directly, crafting authentic connections that resonate. Stand out, build trust, and grow your influence with precision and ease.

No more scattered, missing messages

Use Care Marketing's global inbox for all of your LinkedIn and email replies. Assign custom filters, tags, and notes — all in one place.

Stop wasting time on manual reports

Creating reports manually takes too much time, especially as you scale with more clients. Share reports with detailed metrics in a click using Care Marketing.

Don’t come across as robotic or spammy

Set up random delays between actions so that your automation mimics human behavior.

Only quality leads

Gain an edge with our specialized service—delivering only qualified, targeted leads straight to you. No more sifting through irrelevant contacts. Just precise, actionable leads tailored to your needs.

One centralized tool instead of five

Why use 5 different lead generation tools when you can use one? Upgrade your current tech stack, integrate with other tools, and power up your lead generation today.

No more difficulty standing out

Generate and reach leads via LinkedIn and email. Build relationships at scale, get noticed, and book more meetings faster.


Linkedin Outreach

  • Bypass Linkedin limits

Send up to 500 connection requests per month in a safe way with Care Marketing's growth hacking features

  • Give the best reason to connect with you

We help you reach your target audience directly, crafting authentic connections that resonate. Stand out, build trust, and grow your influence with precision and ease.

  • Use Linkedin limits smarter

We prioritize your live campaigns based on their performance to distribute Linkedin daily limits effectively. We help you focus on top-performing campaigns to get results faster


Email Outreach

  • Enhance your follow-up strategy

Enhance your follow-up strategy. Get triple the open rates with LinkedIn and Email prospecting combined.

  • Connect any email provider

We easily set up any email provider you use in just a few seconds and unlock the world of omnichannel outreach.

  • Improve response rates

We track how well your email follow-ups are doing and are ready to improve them to get even more responses.


Smart Sequence

  • Increase Linkedin connection rates

Engage your cold audience on LinkedIn before outreach with actions like auto profile visits and content likes because prospects are more likely to accept connections from familiar-looking people

  • Make your automation to act as a human

Create automatic scenarios by combining 10 different actions and 10 conditions in one sequence based on your prospects’ behavior

  • Find weak spots in your outreach to improve

See the big picture with clear flow visualization and focus on details that matter, based on statistics from each step.

<img src="" alt="Smart sequences for effective LinkedIn outreach by Care Marketing">

Everything you need for lead generation and some more

Account Safety

Contact leads automatically without leaving the LinkedIn platform. Care Marketing works fully from the cloud and mimics human behavior, ensuring your LinkedIn account stays safe and sound.

Cloud base software

Dedicated country-based IP-address

Auto warm-up

Smart algorithms for limit ranges

Bypass LinkedIn limits

We, at Care Marketing, are always searching for new approaches that enable you to go over LinkedIn limits safely. For instance, you can use Mobile Simulation Campaigns to send weekly connections.

Mobile Connector Campaign

Smart Prioritization

Multichannel outreach

Advanced scraping options

Detailed statistic drill-down

Unlimited campaigns

Ideal For Sales Teams

Care Marketing helps sales teams manage outreach campaigns in one centralized place. Manage smart sequences, and gain access to smart analytics – all in one place.

Flexible scheduling

Campaign Recovery

Tags and dynamic placeholders

Unlimited number of templates

Duplication prevention


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